The H&R Adjustable Coilovers offer the pinnacle of performance handling. Reducing body roll, decreasing suspension compression, and enhancing the balance of your vehicle, these coilovers are designed to transform your driving experience, making every ride smoother and more responsive.


Experience a transformative shift in your driving dynamics as you explore the athletic capabilities of your vehicle with the H&R coilover suspension. Elevate your driving encounter with our premium H&R shock absorbers, meticulously engineered with a sporty-comfortable design tailored specifically to your vehicle model. Our coilovers offer customizable damping force and external hardness adjustments, granting you the freedom to effortlessly fine-tune your shocks to suit your preferences with just a few clicks.


Our development department oversees the entire engineering process, including extensive test drives and final tuning, to achieve the perfect H&R coil over suspension. This meticulous journey relies on exceptional engineering performance, combined with decades of experience and thorough test driving. The subsequent series production takes place exclusively at our Lennestadt factory, ensuring the highest quality. We prioritize the use of premium components, guaranteeing years of enjoyable driving. For instance, we exclusively employ durable trapezoidal threads for height adjustment, and our coil over suspensions feature specially designed suspension and racing springs made from high-strength spring steel wires. These wires undergo a complex process of hardening and tempering. Additionally, the suspension struts are treated with zinc layer passivation for long-lasting corrosion protection. To address vehicles equipped with factory-fitted active or electronically controlled suspensions, we offer cancellation kits that prevent error messages in the onboard electronics when installing a coil over suspension.

Unleash superior handling

H&R Coilovers are renowned for their ability to transform a vehicle’s handling dynamics. With their advanced design and engineering, these coilovers provide a significant improvement in performance. The adjustable damping feature allows you to fine-tune your suspension system, tailoring it to your driving style and road conditions. Whether you prefer a comfortable ride for daily commuting or a firm setup for spirited driving, H&R Coilovers deliver.

The coilovers’ enhanced responsiveness and reduced body roll provide increased stability and control, resulting in precise cornering and improved traction. This translates to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, whether you’re on the track or tackling winding roads. H&R Coilovers are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every adjustment contributes to a noticeable difference in handling performance.


Customizing your vehicle’s stance is made easy with H&R Coilovers. Their innovative design allows for adjustable ride height, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect balance between style and functionality. Whether you prefer a lower, more aggressive look or want to maintain a comfortable ride height, H&R Coilovers can accommodate your preferences. By lowering your vehicle’s center of gravity, H&R Coilovers minimize body roll, improve aerodynamics, and optimize weight distribution. The result is improved handling, reduced squatting and diving under acceleration and braking, and an overall sportier appearance. Additionally, the coilovers’ adjustability allows you to fine-tune your vehicle’s suspension to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum comfort without sacrificing performance. H&R Coilovers are rigorously tested to meet strict quality control standards, ensuring that they deliver consistent performance and reliability. Whether you’re a track enthusiast, a spirited driver, or simply looking to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics, H&R Coilovers will exceed your expectations.


Coilovers are a type of suspension system that combines a coil spring and shock absorber into a single unit. Unlike standard suspension components, coilovers offer adjustable ride height, damping, and spring rates. This adjustability allows for fine-tuning the vehicle’s handling characteristics and ride quality.
Installing coilovers can provide several benefits, such as improved handling and cornering performance, increased adjustability for different driving conditions or preferences, enhanced ride quality, and the ability to lower or raise the vehicle’s ride height for aesthetic or functional purposes.
While coilovers offer performance advantages, they may not be necessary or suitable for everyday street driving. Depending on the setup and adjustments, coilovers can provide a stiffer ride compared to standard suspension components. For a comfortable daily commute, it’s essential to choose coilovers that offer adjustable damping and spring rates to balance performance and ride comfort.
When selecting coilovers, consider factors such as your car’s make and model, intended use (street, track, or both), desired adjustability, budget, and reputable brands. It’s crucial to choose coilovers specifically designed for your vehicle to ensure proper fitment and compatibility.
Installing coilovers can be complex and requires specific knowledge and tools. It’s generally recommended to have a professional with expertise in suspension systems handle the installation. They can ensure proper fitment, alignment, and adjustment, maximizing the performance and safety of your coilovers. However, if you have sufficient experience and knowledge, you can install them yourself with the appropriate tools and following the manufacturer’s instructions.


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