H&R Deletion Kit – BMW – 4 SERIES


  • Prevents error messages during switch to conventional dampers.
  • Maintains control unit functionality.
  • Deactivates factory damper electronics, leaving other systems intact.
  • Suitable for various chassis types, including original sports chassis.
  • For BMW 4 SERIES 2014 – 2020
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H&R deactivation modules for electronic dampers are used when the chassis of a vehicle with electronic damper control is to be replaced with a chassis with conventional dampers. H&R deactivation modules prevent error messages from the on-board electronics that would arise if the vehicle were replaced with passive chassis components. However, the function of the control unit remains fully intact.

The modules are connected to the factory damper electronics and only deactivate this function. Other control and regulation systems remain fully intact, only an error message in the cockpit is prevented. The system can also be used for chassis from other manufacturers as well as original sports chassis.