H&R Wheel Bolts

  • H&R wheel bolts adhere to strict quality standards for secure wheel-to-hub connection.
  • Proper fit, screw-in depth, and correct torque ensure rim stability.
  • Check existing bolt design, including screw head and collar type.
  • Different collar types and thread pitches available.
  • Consider spacer thickness for new bolt length if using wheel spacers.
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H&R wheel bolts are manufactured according to strict quality requirements. They are the perfect choice for securely connecting the wheels of your vehicle to the wheel hub. Since immense forces act on the wheel when accelerating, braking and lateral load changes, it must be ensured at all times that the right wheel bolts are used! A perfect fit, sufficient screw-in depth and the correct tightening torque of the wheel bolts must be ensured in order to be able to fully guarantee the hold of the rims.

Check the design of the existing wheel bolts. The screw head of the new wheel bolts must be identical to that of the wheel bolts currently installed. Please note the different versions of the screw collar (e.g. conical collar, flat collar or spherical collar). When using spherical collar wheel screws, make sure that the correct spherical radius (R12, R13, R14) is selected. Consider the different thread pitches of wheel bolts: M12x1.25mm, M12x1.5mm, M12x1.75mm, M14x1.25mm, M14x1.5mm, M15x1.25mm. If you plan to use wheel spacers, add the thickness of the spacer to the shank length of the current wheel bolt to determine the required shank length of the new wheel bolt.